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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Job Hiring - Age Limit

A lot of Filipinos suffered from this kind of bad treatment in our country or shall we say discrimination in any job hiring except the rest had a work experience advantage over the others. But the fact is, most of the companies prefer young applicants rather than old ones. Why? Because young applicants doesn't knows no law pertaining to their rights while those old and experienced applicants knows a lot to depend themselves from abusive employers. 

Another reason maybe, some employers are avoiding some benefits allotted to employees. Hence, employers usually hires employee on a contractual basis. Some contracts will last to 4 months while others 11 months but no consideration of whatsoever for some employees to become regular employee. I don't think the labor department have seen this kind of situation. Yet, the Labor Code provisions stated it so, which application is sometimes disregarded. Well, I'm not as familiar with these labor code as lawyers do. Meaning, some provisions are applied but was abused.

Why is it that in some other countries, as long as you are able-bodied and can still work at certain levels, can be given opportunity to work like in Japan etc.. That's why some Filipinos prefer to work abroad than stay in their homeland. They would rather make sacrifices than suffer.

Some says that older people are lazy while young people are energetic, obedient and hardworking. I think these are just nonsense speculation. There are many reasons why it goes this way but I supposed, there must be equal opportunity for all those who want to work to be able to provide the needs of their families and elevate their way of lifestyles.

Hope that the government will give time to review job hiring in our country and implement that which is provided in the Labor Code for the benefits of it's citizens.

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