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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Hate TMO's in Pasay City

This afternoon, my older sister is going to travel back-home to Mindanao. So, I drop her together with our mother and her daughter to a bus station. We arrived there where a lot of passengers are waiting for their bus outside the highway so they're causing so much traffic. After I dropped them toward the bus station, I drove the car back-home.

Meanwhile, while traveling along EDSA going to Magallanes, I didn't think that staying along the yellow lane will be good for me. But I was wrong, three TMO (Traffic Management Office) members suddenly came out and tried to stop me! I supposed I was not committing any traffic violation so I just continue driving the car but a patrol is following behind to stop me. Then I slow down and parked the car beside the highway.

I asked them what's the problem with me. They said that I've violated the traffic through overtaking. I reasoned out but they really want my driver's license. I asked who is the senior officer and the one I'm talking represent himself. I talked to him pleading for pardon since I was not aware because the taxi in front of me was trying to stop for something.

In short, I tried to negotiate with the officer to avoid higher penalty amounted to P2000 as shown in his list.. Well, I did it because it's too hazzle for someone to redeem a driver's license at their office especially  such amount of penalty. I gave P300 in exchange of my driver's license. That was an easy money for them!

Ughh!! I hated myself much as I hate those TMO's.

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